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Adaptive Information System for Charity Organizations

There has been an increasing number of charities worldwide. However, transparency and imbalanced distribution are still critical issues in this sector. Despite the Web has been exploited for several purposes in numerous sectors, its potential has not been fully employed by not-for-profit organizations. Due to the variability of the organizations, it is not easy to provide a one application-fit-all open source applications. Many small organizations are very active but still lack of qualified resources to provide IT supports. Thus, we endeavour to develop an adaptive system for different charity organizations in a single development with Software Product Lines (SPL) as its approach to deal with the charities problems. In this paper, we introduce a platform to generate the charities systems with ABS as a core architecture to support SPL. We present how the products are generated by the system. However, the system does not have rich UI/UX variations..


Problems with Charity Organizations

Accountability and trust are still major problems in this non-profitable sector, which are enforced by the key stakeholders: beneficiaries and funders or donors. Moreover, several organizations may deliver the aids to the same receiver or geographical area at the same time. On the other hand, inadequate fundings for the other areas might happen due to shortcoming coordination. The web potentially can help the charities to be more transparent and resolve the imbalanced distribution of aids. However, most of the organizations do not fully adopt the potential of technology for the aims.


Explore our available features

We analysed the features for charity organizations based on several existing organizations

Periodic Programme Data

A feature to store a programme information that held periodically.

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Continuous Programme Data

A feature for a programme which runs the whole year for example

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Eventual Programme Data

A feature to store an information of accidental programme of the organization such as a flood disaster donation programme

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Member Notification

To notify all member of the system related with a particular charity organization. However, this feature requires donors which means that the user have to select donor as his system feature

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Story Board

A feature to publish the data to the user in a story board form

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Financial Report

Since accountability is very important for not-for-profit organizations, the organization have to report their finance to the public to engage societes' trust

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