Currently ABS has support to verify the model. There are some possibility to model, simulate and verify ABS model using well known approach and tools of model checkers. Having the IDE support will ease the developer to do in. Moreover, Some part of the works can be automated. This project will focus on how to develop this automation and provide support ini ABS IDE as Plug-in.
We currently experimenting on how the ABS model can be linked with ontology. The motivation comming from the need to have the data generated from ABS code to be linked among other generated products. Another benefit of connecting ABS model to ontology is that we can try to use ontology-based CMS to provide front end pages for ABS generated product. The ontology-based CMS we have in mind at this moment is zotonic.
We have hypothesis that ABS modeling language can also be used to generate application especially the back-end part of an web based application. We have several preliminaries works that show the possibilities. We need to do more research and development the framework to show the benefits and readiness for software engineers.
ABS has a well written Erlang code generator. We would like to work on how can we code in ABS model to provide back-end for a web application based on Zotonic Framework which is also based on Erlang.